On this page you will find a list of every character within the universe of FrogMan the Series. Clicking on their name will bring you to their page, where you can find more info on that character.

  • more characters will be listed when I actually get around to it*

Main CharactersEdit

Main characters are the characters that the show is mostly about. They appear more than other characters, and might even be the star of several episodes.

FrogMan- FrogMan is the star of the show (hince his name being in the title).

Terrible Toad- The leader of the villains, but far from the antagonist. He is also the brother of FrogMan.

Wise Frog- Wise frog is the grand father of FrogMan, Terrible Toad, and Toady, so he's the non adult acting adult character of the show. Also most of the comedy and vulgur-ness comes from him.

Toady- Toady is the youngest of the frogs in the family. He also serves as the side kick when someone gets a scheme or has an adventure.

Chick Frog- The female character... that's about it...

Secondary CharactersEdit

Secondary characters are characters that don't appear very frequently, but are important to the series. When they do appear, they contribute a lot, and might even be the star of the episode.

Scruffy- Scruffy is a LEGO guy that has powers beyond your imagination. Scruffy is a neutral party, and only helps others if he gets something out of it.

Billy- The director, gave the show to FrogMan in the first episode. Also animates the show.

Alex- An antagonist in the series, in the first season and part of the second season. Also the shows editor.

Whiskey- An alcohol adicted cat. Dies frequently, and through weird circumstances is FrogMan's grandmother.

Dr. Wolf- One of the lead villains. Has an army of robots, ready to serve him.

Bionic Bug- A high ranking villain. Sometimes he's the logical one in the situation.

Tongue Frog- The fourth, not so known, brother of the FrogMan family.

Intermediate CharactersEdit

Intermediate characters are characters that appear infrequently, and may not even have big parts. They might still serve a huge purpose to the episode, and very rairly will have an episode devoted to them.

Chinese Doll- Female character introduced in the second episode. Wants fifty cents to pay her rent.

Cheese- A faggot.

Robots- The servents of Dr. Wolf. There are many of them, including R-666, a devil themed one.

Jewish Bob- The town Jew...

Mr. Wok- Owns the Chinese resturaunt, Suck My Wok.

Mr. Russo- An english teacher at FrogMan's school.

Food Fettish- A fatass...

Ethan- A fatass...

Luke- FrogMan's friend from remedial math.

Shawn- An "employee" of the network.

D**********s- The spawn of satan. Name can not be said.

Mom- FrogMan's Mom.

Dad- FrogMan's Dad.

Old Lady- An Old Lady.

Background CharactersEdit

Background characters are exactly what they're called, just background characters. They may only appear once or twice, and if they speak it would only be a few lines. They only serve as a plot device.

Cop- The so called law enforcement of the city. Although they appear quite frequently, they have no personality, and only serve as a plot device.

Bar Tender- A bar tender in the city.

Announcers- Host the races.

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