This is a list of all planned episodes of FrogMan The Series.

Season One

# Title Description AirDate Rating
1 A Series Is Born FrogMan has defeated the Terrible Toad, and is immediately confronted by a director. FrogMan is then given his own reality Tv show and thus, "FrogMan The Series" is born. Meanwhile, learning of his new success, the villains devise an evil plan to get FrogMan's show off the air.
2 Every Hero Has A Chick Wise Frog thinks that the show is "boring" so he enlists the help of Billy to create a new character for the show. Meanwhile, FrogMan and Toady Have a bet that Toady can't dig to China. 9/25/10
3 Gangsta Frog Wise Frog, Toady, and Chick Frog make a gang to get rid of a local problem. Meanwhile, FrogMan goes on a drinking spree, and bites off a little more than he can chew. 11/14/10
4 The Hero/Villain Race The Terrible Toad Comes up with a scheme to get revenge on FrogMan. Meanwhile, Wise Frog get's arrested... again. 5/22/11
5 The Vacation Part One: The Sweet Sweet Beginning (Part 1 of 3) Learning that there are no eggs to make breakfast, the Terrible Toad gladly goes to do the simple task to get eggs, but finds out he has no money left, and is forced to get a job as a bag boy. Meanwhile,Wise Frog and Toady go on vacation.
6 The Vacation Part Two: Here Comes Alex (Part 2 of 3) Alex finally regains consciousness after being run over by Wise Frog, and he goes on a mission to get revenge on the frogs. 4/9/16
7 The Vacation: Part Three: Billy's Resolution (part 3 of 3) Alex has gathered up the last of the FrogMan crew, and it is up to Billy and Chick Frog to stop him. Meanwhile, Wise Frog "entertains" the captive FrogMan crew with songs.
8 The Fall Of Microsoft Wise Frog mistakenly buys an X-Box, and the FrogMan crew go destroy Microsoft H.Q., meanwhile Billy tries to escape from Alex's room. N/A
9 A FrogMan Halloween In this Halloween themed episode of FrogMan, it is Mischief Night, and Terrible Toad searches for some one to accompany him, meanwhile Wise Frog tries "internet dating" and gets into some "trouble". Then, In the second act it is Chick Frog's birthday, and FrogMan and the Terrible Toad get her a gift. Many things happen in this special episode, You'll get to see some trick or treating, our cast's costumes, Whiskey The Cat, and we might even get to see Wise Frog's dick. All this , and many more, in the FrogMan Halloween special. N/A
10 FrogMan's Thanksgiving Spectacular It's thanksgiving, and Terrible Toad tries to gather up the family for a turkey dinner. After finding out that someone forgot to get a turkey and all the stores are closed, Wise Frog goes hunting to get one, and unknowingly kills the Turkey King. Following the death of their king, the turkeys rage war on The FrogMan Crew. N/A
11 A Frog-tastic Christmas It's that special time of year, where the family is gathered to celebrate and cheer. Celebrated by Christians, and not by Jews, it's even celebrated by the FrogMan crew! In this Christmas themed episode, FrogMan and the gang celebrate Christmas in all the traditional ways. By singing songs, and throwing parties, and getting presents. The cast sings several... umm... "suggestive" songs, and FrogMan throws a party. Meanwhile, Wise Frog Is pissed because he finds out at the age of 63, that having your birthday on Christmas, doesn't mean you get two sets of presents. N/A
12 It's Over Already? (season finale) It is the season 1 finale, and FrogMan can't wait to be rid of the show. FrogMan will be presented the "clean mouth award" at an awards ceremony, for not saying a single bad word while the show was airing. Meanwhile, The villains come up with a plan to make FrogMan cuss, and make him lose the award. Will the villains succeed? Will FrogMan get his award? Will the show be renewed for a second season? All these questions, and many more, probably won't be answered, on the season finale of 'FrogMan The Series'. N/A

Season Two

# Title Description AirDate Rating
13 A Second Season? Seriously? (season premier) (part 1 of 2) FrogMan finds out the show has been approved for 3 seasons, and tries to get the show off the air. He and Wise Frog lag the censors, hoping to get the show canceled. Mean while, the villains try to step up in their efforts to bring up the shows rating, learning of the censor lag, they try to enlist FrogMan and Wise Frog to help them, learning of the villains purpose, FrogMan decides to not have the show canceled, and goes on a journey to find the censors, and fix them. The villains then embark on a quest to enlist the help of Wise Frog. ?
14 Reviving An A-hole (part 2 of 2) After their failure to get the show canceled with the help of Wise Frog, the villains set out for help from another. Meanwhile, FrogMan get's ever closer to his goal of making it to the editing department. ?
15 F***ing Censors! Wise Frog gets arrested for swearing in public and FrogMan goes on a whole campain dealing with the controversy. ?

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

Season Seven


# Title Description AirDate Rating
S1 FrogMan and Pico Pico is depressed at the state of Newgrounds on Pico Day and FrogMan comes to his aid, to show him things aren't so bad. 4/25/15